Growing up on a farm, Jaimie was naturally a defiant child, constantly testing the limits of her surroundings. She brings that same curiosity to her work, blending between decorative and dreamy.

Though she dreams of a life in the forest playing an accordion with a pet pigeon, Jaimie spends most of her time growing excessively large vegetable gardens and challenging what foods are acceptable to eat for breakfast.

Selected Clients

The Wall Street Journal/ The Washington Post/ The Globe and Mail/ Politico EU/ Scientific American/ The Markup/ Canadian Wildlife/ Cincinnati Magazine/ The 19th News/ Orange Coast/ Glug Magazine/ SF Gate/ Adventure Cyclist/ Arlington Magazine/ Dwell/ Feathertale Review/ Kayak/ Shameless/ THIS Magazine/ VinePair


2022 Communication Arts- Shortlist

2023 Communication Arts- Shortlist

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I'm probably somewhere petting my dogs and eating pickles.

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